Your navigator for the future


  • Property Hunter
  • Land Scout
  • Stadium Strategy Architect
  • Funding Solutionist

Being in the Sport Industry for over a decade, Rudi Vandenput has a proven track record.
He has led pioneering work on the Stadium Project of KV Mechelen. 
His creativity makes himself the excellent partner for your future projects.
As a Property Hunter for family and friends and a sustainable network in the Real Estate industry, Rudi is enabled to steer your interest to the right investment.


  • We stand 100% on the investor side
  • We are a total solution provider
  • We offer tailormade solutions
  • We transform creative ideas into concepts
  • We are specialists in estate dreams
  • We adapt our services to suit your needs, budget and timescale
  • You can rely on our complete support throughout the whole process, as well as on our reliable, competent partners.



Respect first and foremost

We continuously learn and grow by questioning ourselves. Our respect for the ideas and opinions of our clients are a constant driver of our growth as a team.

Passion Matters

We are passionate about what we do and how we do it.

Our continuous strive towards excellence

We are proactive, creative and curious. We understand that long lasting relationships are the lifeblood of our business.

Integrity trough independence

Through our radical independence we guarantee to serve your best interest. We have the highest ethical standards and “we do the right thing”.